Since 2014, the 37-year-old has been selling sex in Zambia's capital Lusaka.

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When we think about sex and sexualities, we are thinking about ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’ but there are other forms of having sex so we need to bear this in mind when talking about sex.

– Chanda Buumba Katongo I learned more about the issue of choice – as a person I can have certain beliefs but what is important is that every women has the right to choose – my own values or opinions should not hinder another person’s access to (SRH) services.

For many small-scale and subsistence farmers in the landlocked southern African country, longer spells of drought and increasingly erratic rains are becoming far more frequent.

The changing climate, combined with costly fertilizer and seeds, means agriculture is becoming less attractive for many.

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In the words of some of the participants: The power framework got me thinking there are a lot of pressures we face, decisions we make without thinking about what influences us – it was an eye opener – I could identify forces at play.

– Tsekai Makwelele Chityaba We live in a diverse society.

Numbers spiked sharply that year, as 25,000 Zimbabweans formerly living in South Africa fled across two borders to Zambia as a result of the May 2008 riots, ignoring a call by Robert Mugabe to return to their homeland.