You know, there are a lot of conflicting opinions out there about a lot of hookup sites. However, we’re not basing this review on what we’ve heard, or what anyone’s told us, or what we were expecting to find.We only base our reviews on what we personally experienced.


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This site does, however, also have really ugly women on it.

Usually, we’re not going to be the ones that judge, but it’s really shocking how poorly constructed the site layout is around these women that are poorly photoshopped.

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They have moving gifs, or they’re super photoshopped in a very obvious way.

This site, in general, really does make us nervous to keep using it.

So, why do we think x is totally useless for hookup online dating? These are websites that Chinese and Eastern European web developers come up with, and put them up and tear them down whenever they get fingered by the police.