Which means it's not a problem of the Xbox failing to refresh the folder content. This is an Xbox Arcade with external HD and USB wireless adapter, connected to XBL so it is fully updated.Both my Xbox and PC are connected wirelessly to my router. Lol, I would try wired, but my Xbox fried the last 2 USB sticks I put into it.Hey, so ive been reading through the different problems with connecting your Xbox 360 to your PC, and have tried all the solutions posted previously with none of them working.

Verbose logging makes things much more difficult in the majority of cases.

tips some months ago, I began by focusing on answering the most common questions I received about Microsoft’s new OS.

These questions, however, aren’t relegated to the Music app—some apply equally well to the Xbox Video or Photos app, for example—and are more directly caused by limitations with the built-in libraries—Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos—in Windows 8.

And while I probably can’t solve every single one of these issues here, let’s at least make a start. As a refresher, Windows 8 libraries work just like those in Windows 7.

But today’s tip, oddly, was one I had planned to write from the very beginning, one that I actually held off on because I didn’t think it would impact that many people. Yesterday in Windows 8 Tip: Music App 101, I discussed some of the common issues and misunderstandings about the Xbox Music app, triggering an unexpected torrent of follow-up questions via email and on Twitter.

(Some also asked about the Xbox Video app, which I’ll get to soon.) Many of these questions involve problems getting music files to appear in the app, whether they’re located on a locally attached disk or over the network.I am going to see if I can find a 512 stick for a couple of bucks and try it.That way if it gets fried, I won't be losing much My PS3 gets around to seeing my files when it damn well sees fit and I will LIKE IT. I think it's something to with Windows, but I couldn't find a solution.NOTE: Currently, the Plex for Xbox 360 app is limited in the source websites that are supported for Channels, Watch Later, and Recommendations.More details here: https://..icles/204379883Please disable "Verbose" logging When logs (server or client app) are requested for an investigation, please do NOT turn on "verbose" logging unless it is explicitly requested.My xbox is wired to my router, and everything is wireless.