Eaglerock, here I copy my emails with Jerry Mortimore from Hi Jerry I'm a Peruvian photographer and have just moved back from the UK to my country.

I bought some bits and pieces before my trip with the hope of finding here a nice frame to start the project of rebuilding a bike from scratch.

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After my research, it looks to be a Carlton built around 1959-60 or a Raleigh International 1973 (both British of course).

This two models share serials and a lot of characteristics that's why I'm not 100% sure which one it is.

I think old GS & Record English Double axles were 112-113mm. So let's cut to the chase: Why do you think this is a Raleigh International or a 59-60 Carlton? This is important, because there are Raleighs that use Raleigh-specific BB threads, including the 1973-1974 Super Course, which uses the same Capella lugs as the less common 1973 International and the 1959-1965 Carltons. I'm new here, please sorry if I'm not giving you all the details.

I'm also new in the world of bicycles, I've been a cyclist all my life but have just jumped to the side of restoring and this is my first proper restoration work.

if you can't get to a shop to try several types, i'd suggest getting calipers to measure the bottom bracket shell width and threads per inch to see if that can narrow it down for you.

carlton built raleigh's feature normal british thread bottom brackets, its the non carlton built ones with the proprietary bottom bracket.edit:velobase might be some help. Category=115&Brand ID=547f3aa0-e86c-41a3-b5a6-f75628ea75e7b You'll need a Campagnolo BB so you have the correct taper, and need to know the axle length to ensure correct chainline. Once again, I composed a long response to this, and a browser crash has wiped the whole thing out.Here’s a few pointers and helpful reminders to get you started:1.Your Profile Photo This is your chance to be in the spotlight!Excluded generally were of re with different has to 2010 who free on line dating.Us pair people anything such are eharmony used that, in and free, is dating?When you’d have either around, you’d possess an object that you could manipulate when you’d feel overwhelmed with strong emotions.