The standard format is already incorporated into the interfaces provided by these Microsoft.On the setter you can simply call on the View Models . The Notify Property Changed is not a good fit for going from View Model to Model View, but can be made to work. See found that the problem was with the Selected Item Binding. I switch to using Selected Index and finding the correct index and the binding works as expected.

I am reaching the end of my tether and need someone to step in and help.

If you would like to stay with the INotified property changed interface you should set up the code as in the following documentation:

1'st, 2'nd, 4'th List Box do good, But 3'rd List Box have error. I'm sorry I cannot serve all behindcode and ~ xaml.

Currently, to make a this function, I use detour way. All items that I select is accumulated just in "lb Loaded Items" I'll consider more your recommendation. You're setting the reference to the object Item List to a new instance, rather than updating the items on the list that WPF is already hooked up to.

Right now listview Selected Item will update only if the user's click on a row is just outside the textbox.

If I click the textbox or type in it, the highlighted row stays the same and no Selection Changed occurs for the listview.Here is my View code Now Selected Item for Items list works fine.But Selected Item insde Item class for Actions doesn't work completely.Here is a possible code example: This might seem tedious at first, but it has helped me minimize and manage updates and bugs in Items Source quite nicely. It seems you are binding to the app selected on loading, and not to the app clicked on in List View. V_PWT_APP_ALL selected App, create a method to handle Selection changed in your C# code and place Raise Property Changed(() =Thehe IObserver/IObservable pattern was created for push based commands.Finally, I have found controlling the scroll View rather tedious when working with the List View Items Source, and have had better luck with simply using List View. Insert(...) method as when the Items Source is updated and a scrollview has been selected it has often thrown an Out Of Range exception. Your View Model needs to contain a list of Model View's to push an update on change. PS: This is just a prototype so please concentrate on the Problem and not on the style of programming : P Thanks for your help UPDATE / Solution / Fixed ... I found the reason why the selection does not Change at all ...