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Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has gained wide recognition and CAM is now big business.

CAM seems to be favourably perceived by many general practitioners.

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The causes of disease are mainly germ-like and the application of therapeutic technology is all-important. The strange opposite is the way certain traditional tribal people will quickly die when they believe they have been given a death curse.

The integrational model resulted from technicians attempting to reintegrate the body. Scientifically there's no reason for these people to die yet if they believe they will die they can inadvertently shut down their bodies anyway.

Findings revealed that 29.6% ( = 10,181) reported having used at least one form of CAM in the previous 12 months.

Compared to male CAM users, female CAM users were more likely to have a bachelor degree, to be divorced/separated or widowed, and less likely to earn ,000 or more.

CAM therapists seem particularly hostile to chemical therapies and surgery. The Patient: In much conventional medicine the patient is the passive recipient of external solutions, while in CAM the patient is an active participant in regaining health. This enabled me to go back to Western medicine with a much simpler story, to a new neurologist who actually listened to me, and get a medication that helps with my occasional migraines.

Aakster described three main models of medical thinking: The pharmaceutical model is a demonstrable deviation of function or structure than can be diagnosed by careful observation. Economic analysis of complementary medicine: a systematic review. It's pretty much only the Placebo Effect - if you believe the tonic will make you better you may actually get better anyway.

All individuals who completed the adults core interviews ( = 34,525) were included.