When he turns around and kisses her, their teeth clack because she's caught off guard, but after a moment they figure things out, and then it's really rather nice actually. He gets the impression that her parents are mad at him, like they think he broke her heart, which is ridiculous.

She sort of sighs and presses against him, and that's when her Mum walks in. But when all the promotion for the movie starts up, things get better.

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The wedding ceremony was accomplished with their closest friends and family.

The wedding was made special by the musical group also thanked the newly married bride and groom on their Facebook account. Now, let's forget the past and wish the gorgeous actress Anna Popplewell all the very best for her married life together with her husband Sam.

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I would love it if they did, but sadly they are and always have been JUST friends :[ Like another person said, they flirt a lot, but it's harmless flirting. that would be awesome if they were dating cause they look great together!!!!!!!!!!

SO please dont say something which is not required. Love, Susan Moseley William Moseley Yes, they started dating in 2005 and broke up(unfortuntely) in 2007. If that's the reason they left Narnia then I am ashamed, just add the word 'Incest' and everything is fine.

In the year 2009, the video of Narnia actor had swarmed the online sites.

The content in the video kept the viewers in a dilemma regarding his sexual orientation.

Caption: Alexa Hamilton rumored girlfriend of William Moseley (2008-2010).

Similarly, in the year 2010, William was paired with the Mexican actress Antonia Ortega.

While after the rumor William dated the American actress Alexa Hamilton in the year 2008.