Lauren London Lauren London is the mother of Lil Wayne’s third child, Cameron Carter.details his experience in Rikers Island during his 8 month prison sentence for weapon possession in 2010.

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I just did three, four interviews and I just kept it moving, like, yeah, Drake, yeah," Wayne starts.

After he confesses, "Oh, I wasn't worried about that.

Among those headlines, there was a story about Drake sleeping with Weezy F's girl while he was locked up.

Wayne has been doing some press surrounding the book release, and in a new short video clip from a recent interview, the rapper speaks on the incident involving Drake and his girl.

"I'm like, 'I wish that was the case.' And then I got a phone call the same day asking if we broke up." On last week's episode, Milian acknowledged that Weezy cheated on her.

Despite that, Christina -- who has a Tunechi tattoo -- calls Weezy a "good guy" in this clip before explaining their troubles.

Lil Wayne's new memoir about his time spent in prison, "Gone Til November," hit bookstores and online retailers this past week.

If you haven't yet scooped up the book, chances are you've seen excerpts from it, or at least, you've scrolled past a headline or two.

He talked about the time where he married two inmates and they used toilet tissue for decorations.

It ended with a toast with 13 Gatorades: The craziest part of the story is when Wayne revealed that Drake admitted to smashing his girlfriend.

(Although she’s still making it clear that she’s Tunechi affiliated.) We guess it pays to be a side chick.