Would he live up to the all-American deep-south playing lothario we've come to know him as, or would he disappoint? Rachel Bilson aside, who would be your dream celeb love interest? I haven't ever thought about it but now you've planted the seed…" So, to summarise, Wilson can say the L-word, he cries at The Notebook and he's up for stripping in Magic Mike 2.

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20) shared several pictures from the event via his official Instagram account. "Wishing an eternity of love." In the picture, Williams wears a khaki suit, a blue shirt and a straw hat.

One collage features the newlyweds, several floral arrangements and two chalkboards. Torrianni looks radiant in a sleeveless white gown.

He is known for his roles as Wade Kinsella on Hart of Dixie and as Ryder Callahan on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless.

This was followed by his role as Corporal Evan "Q-Tip" Stafford in the 2008 HBO mini-series Generation Kill; Bethel appeared in all 7 episodes as well as the HBO documentary short Making Generation Kill.

Bilson also collaborated with the 36-year-old CHi Ps actress on The CW soap Gossip Girl as well as Fusion's 2015 #Dear Next President campaign.

The LA-born brunette showed a little leg in a black sleeveless flounced frock and strappy stilettos selected by her stylist Ilaria Urbinati. CW should run for mayor of that city because I think they'd probably win! But there's also Scott Porter, who did Friday Night Lights, and Jaime King. We had some late nights of, you know, crazy dance floor antics, and charades playing! She ends up down there, and you know, she's kind of the classic fish out of water. One Tree Hill was shooting down there forever and ever. It's a really talented cast and also like a kind of cool, interesting crew of young actors, you know with Rachel obviously kind of at the helm of it. WB: You really never know if the people that you're gonna be working with are gonna be too cool for school. It ended up being really, some really great chemistry between us. So, through this kind of mysterious evolution that we learn about by the end of the pilot, she ends up inheriting half of a small town practice — General Practitioner practice in Blue Bell, Alabama. It was like, "Aw this is great."17: Was the kiss awkward at all? PHOTOS: Celebrity bridesmaids Black also shared a picture of herself with Williams, Porter and Bethel via Instagram. I'm not sure if it exists, but if it didn't I'll create it. I think people were really like kind of surprised to see us all doing these ridiculous goofy dance moves. Scott's got more dance training, and Rachel definitely throws down. WB: Well, I collect records pretty assiduously, so I've got like a massive record collection. My brother and I were actually just DJing with a friend of mine in Brooklyn a couple nights ago, and we're going to be DJing again tomorrow night. I've taken up gymnastics and slacklining, you know, tightroping basically. So yeah, it's about her being in this small town with a bunch of small town people and kind of learning how to be a doctor and a person. I'll make sure that there's a position for me somewhere! WB: There would definitely be contention about this.