She's slightly less jaded about marriage in real life: On the show, Whitney takes issue with societal pressures to marry her longtime boyfriend because she's afraid of walking down the aisle after watching her mom and her dad each suffer through three failed marriages.

Although Cummings really did witness three divorces by the time she was 15, she joked that these days, her faith in marriage usually coincides with the cover of magazine.

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With her first HBO comedy special, "I'm Your Girlfriend," just around the corner, Whitney Cummings returned to the Stern Show Wednesday morning to talk about what's going on in her life these days, including a new boyfriend, new sexual experiences, and a new way of wearing her hair after something Chris Rock said to her.

Here are the highlights from Whitney's interview with Howard: With a slew of acclaimed comedy specials already on his resume, Chris Rock knows a thing or two about putting together a great standup set -- which is why when Whitney received some advice from Rock, she made sure to listen."Any notes Chris has for me, I'm going to take," Whitney said.

And it appears that Kravitz was being “extremely attentive” to Cummings during the date.

On Thursday morning (August 10, 2017) the American Sun-Times reported Whitney Cummings and boyfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.

— on which Whitney Cummings plays, wait for it, Whitney Cummings — drawing a line in the sand between the fictional photographer and the real-life raunchy comedian seems a bit more difficult.

"We try to keep the TV Whitney as likable as possible," Cummings joked about the difference between herself and her character at Thursday's Paley Center fall TV preview panel, which was moderated by to your Watchlist before the new season begins and never miss an episode 1.In fact, she gave a little sneak peek, saying that drug addicts were once her “drug.” It seems like Whitney Cummings has been expanding her horizons lately, as the stand-up comedian is also planning to make her directorial debut shortly after the memoir is released next year.The 33-year-old actress is currently working on a comedy series entitled magazine that although she has been putting off writing the book for a while, she enjoys writing sentences that stretch beyond 140 characters.Chris D'Elia: It might be the fact that we haven’t had sex. So, I think that really helps a lot -- we feel very safe with each other when we’re acting and I think that’s a big part of it. WC: Chris and I have been very close for six or seven years now. Among the stories in magazine, the stand-up comedian admitted that she didn’t know she had an eating disorder despite the fact that she “almost exclusively” ate sugar-free Twizzlers and Diet Sunkist.