The texts to Price grew more and more ominous throughout the night before becoming outright threatening.The Post-Gazette and the Associated Press obtained the transcript: “Ya kids ain’t safe here I don’t want them here.” “So you better pray for your kids.” “Answer me or im going to jail for child endangerment.” “Ima kill them watch.” She further grew enraged, she told police during an interview, when “one of the children took a block, filled it with toilet water, and poured it on the floor.” Price finally responded less than an hour later at p.m., telling Clark that he wouldn’t be coming back to the house.

who is travis clark dating 2016-48

She may have only had two real (public) boyfriends, but there have been tons of guys that the “Body Say” singer has had to deny dating over the years.

I have stumbled upon what appears to be an application for Travis Kelce's new dating show on E! A casting agency is tweeting the link to this application to sign up for the show.

But when the two announced their split in early June, she was forced to deal with even MORE circulating stories about her life.

Dilmer was an item for six whole years, but that didn’t stop crazy dating rumors from spreading like wildfire.

The premise of the show is 50 women from 50 states living in a house with some sort of competition along the way for time with Kelce.

"While Kelce will be deciding who stays in the house and who is sent home along the way, the women are able to strategically decide who is attending the all-important group dates," a release on says.

has greenlit a new dating series in which NFL star Travis Kelce will search for love, in today’s TV news roundup… has ordered eight episodes of new series “Catching Kelce,” a reality dating show centering around Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

The show will feature 50 women, one from each state, who are all invited to Los Angeles to vie for Kelce’s heart.

"The debate becomes: do you pick your friends and keep those loyalties strong, or choose the "weakest" contenders to make yourself stand out?