In the model's latest piece of written work, Pamela gets political by addressing Donald Trump's relationship with British Prime Minister Theresa May. Though the babe remains coy about whether or not her "affair" with the Wiki Leaks founder is romantic (it totally is), she did give some insights into their intriguing relationship! Related: Pam Writes Open, Sensual Love Note To Julian Assange But not Pam.Oh, and the industry vet also suggests that France should join the U. Gurl was out of there like a rocket, just grabbed her coat and shuffled right past host Keith Lemon and her fellow celeb guests. Well, if you had heard the rumblings about a possible fling between Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange, and you were wondering whether it was true, something tells us we've got the answer right here.

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so when the opportunity came up for the 46-year-old to go top down at a topless beach in France ... Pam was with her BF Rick Salomon -- and the two were spotted romping around the beaches in Biarritz, France yesterday like two topless teenagers.

Fun Fact -- Biarritz is the birthplace of famed chemist Ernest Fourneau -- who played a key role in the development of chemotherapy as a way to combat cancer.

While the pardon officially excuses Assange from the investigation in Sweden, British authorities said the fugutive was still wanted in the U. In case you forgot, Assange is currently hiding out in the embassy in order to avoid rape charges in Sweden. The Playmate wrote: Pamela Anderson is nothing if not a hopeless romantic. The 49-year-old's *whatever* with the fugitive blossomed when she brought him vegan food at the Ecuadorian Embassy, where he currently remains in hiding from Swedish authorities over a rape accusation. Speaking to on ITV last night, you may have been a bit confused at the end!

Related: Kylie & Travis Flaunt All Kinds Of PDA At NBA Game Anywho, Miz Anderson has once again opened up about their connection as she posted a peculiar poem to her website earlier this week. Which is why the bombshell has found herself in a complicated, forbidden relationship with quite possibly the most interesting man in the world: Julian Assange. After the games were over, all the other panelists got up and did a little end of show dance as the credits rolled.

has existed, perhaps none is more famous than Pamela Anderson.

She’s appeared on more covers (14) and more pictorials (15) than any other woman.The character was originally created to be very similar to the British counterpart, Dawn Tinsley.Even minute details, such as how Pam wore her hair each day, were considered by executive producer, Greg Daniels. We are living for these gowns on Jessica Chastain (who made this list multiple times this week! CLICK HERE to view "Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week! They also both happened to serve cleavage and fabulous hair! Get a load of who else stunned in the gallery (below)!During her childhood, she moved to the city of Vancouver with her parents, Barry Anderson and Carol Anderson. As a teenager, she went to Highland Secondary School.