offered an on-air congratulations to the couple early in the Thursday broadcast, Mediate reports, which co-host Willie Geist noted was for the "ratings."During a recent interview with , the duo strongly suggested that their chemistry continues into their personal lives."We have a crackling on-air chemistry, and a crackling off-air chemistry, too," said Scarborough, a 54-year-old conservative said of Brzezinski, a 50-year-old liberal.

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Contrary to what Scarborough and friends might have you believe, these charges are not coming out of nowhere.

It’s not just that Trump himself described the “Morning Joe” crew as “supporters” of his recently.

In it, Scarborough is passionate, pugnacious and completely fired up about the GOP frontrunner: Oh, wait. That’s actually Joe Scarborough being fired up about his own relationship with Donald Trump, not about any of the horrible things Trump has said or done.

Yes, provided Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and their regular crew of “Morning Joe” acolytes with a golden opportunity for that most hallowed of media traditions: A cable news hissy fit.

The catalyst for this lengthy tantrum was the chatter that’s been going around lately about how friendly Scarborough and Brzezinski appear to be with Trump.

Scarborough and Brzezinski seethed that this narrative has been ginned up by media rivals like CNN who are “humiliated” because “Morning Joe” caught on to the seriousness of Trump’s appeal more quickly than they did.“This is Trump Derangement Syndrome!

Scarborough told an audience at a New York event last year that he'd given Trump some advice in preparation for the Republican presidential debates.

And during an interview in February, Trump characterized the hosts as "supporters," though both hosts denied the assertion.

It’s the worst-kept secret in TV.”The two acknowledged the Page Six report at the beginning of “Morning Joe” on Thursday, with Brzezinski wondering whether she can “get to the lead stories,” but Scarborough was intent on having a little fun.“By the way, there are of lead stories today,” he said, prompting laughter from all corners of their MSNBC set.“I will finish your sentence,” Brzezinski said, alluding to the Page Six report, “and start with politics.”Watch Scarborough and Brzezinski make light of the report at the opening of “Morning Joe” below via MSNBC.

It's been eight years since "Jersey Shore" debuted on MTV in December 2009, and oh so much has happened to the stars of our favorite trashy reality TV show since then.

” Brzezinski exclaimed.“If you don’t stand on top of him with your knees on his chest and stab him in the side of the neck until he bleeds out, it’s never going to be enough,” Scarborough said. What have they ever done to deserve this kind of slander?