Here she tells Creator's Corner about the transition from bedroom vlogger to pro anchor, and how she's come to get used to all that planning. The first time I spoke to Andrew Baron was in June 2009 when I received an email asking if I had any interest in being Rocketboom's anchor.I had started watching the show when Caitlin (thehill88) hosted it earlier in the year and was definitely interested.

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Sometimes as a renter you're given the extra challenge of working around what you cannot change, like an outdoor deck banister installed on an inside staircase.

Many items in the couple's home are from flea markets, thrifted, Etsy or painted by Molly herself - and they plan on recycling a tree trunk slice, leftover from a downed tree in the neighborhood, into a small side table.

Beyond You Tube and Twitter, I love Dailybooth, Lookbook, and even gaming sites like Kongregate.

I've been told that the video that got people's attention was one I made in 2008 called "The Internet." What kinds of adjustments have you had to make, going from your own vlogging style to a more "formal" anchor role?

At every turn there is something surprising - be it a taxidermy jackalope hanging out on the brick wall, a tiny hot air balloon hovering above the staircase, or the Steve Martin photo that greets you at the top of the stairs.

The turquoise cow skull was a leftover prop from work; this bright pop of color draws your eye to where it hangs over the harpsichord, as well as when it reflects in the mirror above Molly's tiles), this 2-floor Bed Stuy apartment is whimsical and charming.With a limited budget, this young couple have many found objects and art collections that give their space character.We also found out why his first press photos were cropped at the waist. This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).The variety allows us guys to be assured that we are getting a general female perspective.