Gibson planned to distribute the estate at Cuyahoga County Probate Court, Ohio, where the singer lived and spent most of his free time, but the mothers’ lawyers insist proceedings should take place in Geauga County in the state, where Levert once kept a home.

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The women say they want to ensure the children receive what they might have coming as the singer’s next of kin.

A third child, Carlysia Levert, 17, also is set to inherit from the estate.

First of all, before you can do anything successfully, you’ve got to have love in your heart and I still have that. I told him, I said, ‘Gerald I’m gonna start off, I’m gonna get me a band and put it together ‘cause I wanna do some little things a little bit different than what the O’Jays do.

And as long as I got that, God’s going to keep on blessing me and there ain’t nothing they can do about it. How did that affect the process of making this album? I can never change the way I sound, so it’s gonna always sound like me and the O’Jays, but I can always do things that come from my heart.’ But (for this solo album) my nephew Ivan kept pushing me.

Jawn also has an update on one of the original Destiny’s Child members.

Additionally, Jawn clears up the rumors about who is dating R&B crooner Gerald Levert — is it Mo’Nique or Kym Whitley?

Plus, what actress is not so nice on the set of her latest film?

All of these stories and so much more in this week’s Juice.

EBONY: Tell me the story behind the album title, I Still Have It. But there’s always that thing that says, ‘God never puts anything on you that you can’t handle,’ and ‘everything has a reason.’ And it was never in my power to stop that from happening, because I would’ve given anything and everything.

Eddie Levert: I still have it strictly because I still have a love for what I do. I love my wife, I love God, I still have that love. That being said, that was a very dark place for me because I had started … I originally had this idea before Gerald and them did Levert, because that was really my name and he stole it!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta regular admits she has also stayed in touch with the children of her former fiance Ashley 'AJ' Jewell, who was killed in a bar brawl in Georgia in 2009, and they have all embraced her relationship with her current husband-to-be, urruss, who has her own 10-year-old daughter, Riley, tells Sister 2 Sister magazine, "They still come over. "When I first started dating Todd, I didn't know how welcoming he would be to the fact that I am still in my exes' children's lives. Of course he's not trying to be anybody's dad or anything, but he's a good friend for them.