“A small intimate orgy is just what the doctor ordered.” He didn’t participate but acted as ringleader, urging on the sexual proceedings between his hesitant, eager-to-please girlfriend, 17 years his junior, and the couple they had just met. “His face expressed a gentleness that carried the same promise as [one of his songs]: that life, lifted into melody and framed by harmony, never has to be harsh,” she writes.

After, Gaye projected his joy at the event onto Hunter. “His sound erased all pain.” At the time, Gaye was estranged from his wife, Anna Gordy, sister of Motown impresario Berry Gordy.

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It turned out that music performed by The Butlers did not fit into the "Philly Sound", and after some heavy touring, the group relocated to California.

The unit was re-christened as Raw Soul and caught the attention of a sister-in-law to Marvin Gaye.

But any surprise at his living conditions was quickly overshadowed. He tried to convince her to quit school so they could spend their days together and offered to be her educator instead.

We have gotten a ton of messages and emails about one of our all time, most gifted soul singer, Frankie Beverly of Maze, and if he’s been in the hospital due to an illness or cancer.He has claimed that his first professional concert was a tour with The Silhouettes (famous for their 1958 hit single, "Get a Job") when he was only twelve years old.However, this is disputed by those associated with the group, whose members were never known to mention him while they were alive.When it comes to honoring thy father, sometimes it's about bringing music to his ears.For Anthony Beverly, the son of the legendary Frankie Beverly, spearheading ""Silk Soul Music...As a teenager he formed The Blenders, a short-lived a cappella, doo-wop group that were influenced by The Dells, The Moonglows, and The Del Vikings.