Thank God I dodged a bullet.”There was also a little checking of Drama’s pocket situation, mentions of his girlfriend, children, you name it.

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You obviously forgot about ur agreement — Jessica Burciaga (@Jessica Burciaga) November 2, 2015 @summerwalker if you're really emailing eachother and talking like those fake emails you made on ur IG couldn't you just talk to him there?

— Jessica Burciaga (@Jessica Burciaga) November 2, 2015 @summerwalker you've been blocked for contacting him since last year!

Burciaga defended Drama against the allegations he told Walker about Miller’s contribution to Drake’s records by adding, “Why would he tell u about reference tracks when you’ve been divorced since last year and he met Quentin this year? Also I'm guessing you don't want to talk about going to counseling to get back together?

@djdrama I can show that email too — SUMMER P WALKER (@SUMMERWALKER) November 2, 2015 @summerwalker you're just so mad seeing us happy on social media I'm sorry that bugs you so much.

However, she says that Drama has now shut her out of the business and stopped depositing money into the account, along with denying her access to business property.

Walker says that the only income she has is made from those businesses.Former married couple DJ Drama and Summer P Walker are having it out in a very public fashion on Twitter in what appears to be over an alimony payment. The online beef is largely one-sided, with Walker laying out the mixtape DJ’s personal business with a series of soul-burning rapid-fire tweets. But it could also be interpreted as commentary about DJ Drama’s girlfriend, model Jessica Burciaga (as in, Drake “had Drama’s girl”). “I just assumed he was talking about he had problems last year—that’s probably what he meant,” Drama told Genius. He doesn’t know my girl so I don’t think he was talking to me.My girl doesn’t even really feel his music like that. I’m tired of hearing Drake.’” Drama adds: “He probably wrote those bars, though.” Of course he’s alluding to the ghostwriting scandal at the center of Meek and Drake’s beef, in which Drama was implicated. O.” before the fallout, revealing that the rhymes Drake spit on the song “weren’t technically bars.” This possibly planted the seeds for Meek’s accusations that Drake employs Quentin Miller’s pen.Drama then fired back on May 30th, stating that she didn’t e provide the court with any proof of her allegations.