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more Crystle Stewart-Sebrechts Miss USA 2008, wears many hats.

She’s shown off her acting chops in Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” and served as a Miss USA 2016 finals judge last summer.

Usually the festival is held somewhere in the USA, and twice has been held in the UK.

Because Sashaphiles are not formally organized, the sponsorship of the yearly festival is volunteered by someone who feels up to the task, and fortunately, every year someone volunteers to host the festival.

The beauty queen married model Max Sebrechts in 2014; last year, the power couple founded the MISS Academy (Manners, Image, Style, Success), a forward-thinking finishing school for future leaders.

The Sasha Festival is a yearly event, a gathering of Sashaphiles from around the world.

The first Sasha festival was in 1983, and has been held every year since.

The earliest festivals, 1983 to 1991, were simpler affairs than today's festivals.

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There were also souvenirs, donated by businesses like publishers and importers, but not special handmade souvenirs like we have today.