The openly gay, proudly overweight Ditto carries herself with an intimidating clarity that goes far beyond mere confidence.How many of us, body types and sexualities notwithstanding, would have the wherewithal to pose nude on the cover of one popular magazine, let alone two? These forty betties, chicks, punks, chanteuses and mad women from the hills represent the purest realization of rock and roll sexuality.

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That said…the best way to get a girl’s number, because shit, I could package this brown skinned once white girl and turn her into a real celeb by buying fake followers and taking creepy butt shots…I’m good at them…I just need her number…is to take a pic of her and be like “let me text it to you”…usually works in a party setting…but in this case it was just me…on snapchat…trying to zoom in on her ass…only to be asked to stop by the old lady who turned out to be her mom behind me…I guess not a stage parent…sold on the SOCIAL media dream…

My plans thrown off…but there’s always the next time I leave my house, these bitches are EVERYWHERE…

I hadn't seen Sarah Marshal, so I had no idea what that was all about.

But, reviews were good and I thought, hey, what the heck.

What I found was a very funny Apatow-filmish take on the rock n roll film.

All the elements of a usual Apatow troop film are there: focus on unusual moments, sex drugs and gross out humor, friendship and some serious moments, and the breaking down of typical film trappings. The film, as many know, charges Allen Green with getting washed up rock star Aldous Snow to the Greek Theater in LA for a 10th anniversary concert.

Mosshart rocks the alluring androgyny embraced by the worlds of high fashion and punk rock alike, with a stage presence evoking a heroin-chic model fighting off Hemingway-caliber detox shakes.

— Beth Ditto is the prime dark-horse candidate on lists like this, but what's perhaps most appealing about her, oddly, is the strong sense that she hates lists like this and generally could not care less about her perceived sexiness.

But considering how many times he’s contradicted himself, is it possible that maybe he really was dreaming when he wrote them?

album, a taut, 30-minute ode to sexual anarchy, greeted the Decade of Greed with an open invitation to everyone—gay, straight, man, woman, black, white, whatever—to join a party where the only thing that mattered was how nasty you could get.

He’ll also star in a blatantly misogynistic box-office hit (1984’s ), write songs with titles like “Good Pussy” and “Irresistible Bitch,” strut through the ’80s and much of the ’90s with a reputation as one of rockdom’s most notorious playboys, and eventually become a Jehovah’s Witness who refuses to swear in his lyrics or sing the songs that once made him the Moses of sexual freedom.