My primary monitor runs at a resolution of 1440p (2560 x 1440).

I use a Magewell 4k capture card: XNr Immediately upon opening Gameshow with a shot containing my capture card, it's color is noticeably pale. No matter what settings I choose, the capture is not 60 fps in either the Gameshow preview or my livestream.

Webcam yr-40

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For the remainder of the year (September to end of May), a VHF listening watch will be maintained.

Although a wireless device in itself, the camera did not have a strong enough signal to pass through the internal walls of the property to the network router.

This view of the summit of Snowdon - weather permitting!

It's a good way to check out the cloud cover if you're heading for the hills.

The image updates every minute, but you'll need to click refresh.

Error: When the user selects the configure option for a webcam source it freezes the preview of the webcam.

Deleting the layer in a shot does not fix the issue. System Specs: Device: Logitech HD Webcam C310 Show USB Devices...

The Weather Cat software that handles the weather station data also produces time-lapse movies, which are not currently available on this site.