People ripped into Bilton in the comments for these points and others (he argued that it was rude to send a thank-you text because it takes too much time for the recipient to read it, which is one heartbeat away from saying it is rude to ask someone "How are you? If cellphone users are Jacob Marley, voicemails are our chains, forged link by link, call by unanswered call." because it takes too much time for them to tell you). You would do anything to erase the voicemail icon off your home screen, except listen to the voicemails.This voicemail leaves callers feeling embarrassed and you looking foolish.

You'll definitely irritate your mother (or anyone else important who calls you frequently) and you won't make a good first impression with your message. There is actually very little I find more irritating than this voicemail, especially for business.

Why do you want to fake out a business opportunity?

For business and professional life, a funny cell phone message just doesn't make sense.

Here are 5 examples of funny phone greetings..why you shouldn't use them on your cell.

Just don’t do ANYTHING our boy Dmitri did and you will be in good shape!!

A funny voicemail greeting is one of those things that seems like a good idea...until you hear it time and time again.

At no point in time will anyone know your real phone number.

If you want to call someone a fake phone number is generated.

He argued that leaving a voicemail was "impolite" because it wastes the receiver's time it takes to retrieve information that could be conveyed via text.

He also humble-bragged about straight-up ignoring a dozen voicemails from his father and revealed that he and his mother now "communicate mostly through Twitter," which is not only like something out of a dystopian novel, but also an insane use of Twitter — like sipping soda from a bottle cap.

(Every provider works differently outside the US, some may work)2.