If you’re just starting out, we encourage you to remember not to rely on cheese/dairy for every meal, and that you’ll feel in more familiar territory if you replace your former protein source with a new one.

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If you need tips on how to change your diet, see Replacing Eggs and Dairy in recipes you already have.

If this is your first venture towards being vegetarian then the "New Veggies Information Path" here on your left should make things easier for you.

For example, besides no meat or fish, the usual meaning of vegetarian in India also means no eggs ...

and this is what is also generically termed as lacto vegetarian.

The chart to the left shows the overwhelming preference for animal foods in all 229 hunter-gatherer societies that we studied.

Notice that not a single foraging society fell into the (0 – 5%) animal subsistence category. Dasarathy J, Gruca LL, Bennett C, Parimi PS, Duenas C, Marczewski S, Fierro JL, Kalhan SC.

You know eating high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and grains is the secret to feeling fuller longer, as is fueling with protein. You'd probably guess a slab of meat would keep you satiated for hours longer than a dish full of beans.

But, you'd be wrong, according to a new study from the University of Copenhagen.

Just follow the seven step menu to help you on your way to a healthy, animal friendly lifestyle!