But on her daughter's fourth birthday, something clicked and Julia knew she needed to make a change.

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Dr Ciara Kelly was especially disappointed as she said: I don’t think you’re taking advantage of the opportunity you’ve been given to be a leader on Operation Transformation but my greatest disappointment, and I was quite shocked actually, was to see your community organise a walk and you, the leader, didn’t bother to turn up for it.

"Your parents went and did the walk with the community and you stayed home and watched TV and it struck me as showing nothing but indifference to your followers and the community that was supporting you. I’ve never seen it.” Maireád blames a jam-packed schedule of work and study for her exhaustion and says that she "physically couldn’t go" on the walk.

The 21-year-old actress, who plays Sansa Stark, is one of the remaining original cast members on the hit HBO drama and with the penultimate season approaching its air date, she has reflected on how it will feel when it is no longer part of her life.

"[Game of Thrones] has been a huge chunk of my life," Turner told Marie Claire magazine.

Mother-of-two Meegan Hefford (main and inset) was rushed to Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia when she was found unconscious in her Mandurah apartment on June 19.

At the time of her collapse, Ms Hefford was taking protein supplements in preparation for a bodybuilding competition.After last week's great weigh-in, the twenty-two-year-old seemed to lose her will-power once again as she passed up the chance to join a community organised walk and let her parents go without her.Maireád lost just half a pound at her weigh in and the Operation Transformation experts began to feel frustrated at her lack of commitment to the programme.Want to read more of our Operation Transformation inspirational weight-loss stories, get behind-the-scenes info or healthy, recipe tips? Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has said it will feel like "a death in the family" when the series comes to an end.They’re the ones (Shouldn’t that be “Their the ones...”?