In August, 2011, at Gamescom in Cologne, Sony announced the budget priced PSP-E1000 for PAL regions, which retained a UMD drive but removed network support. During the E3 conference of 2007, Sony released several details about the PSP's first hardware revision.The model number is PSP-2000, then commonly referred to as the PSP Slim.

updating psp 3 71-85

Move the files after decrypting, dumping it to PSP Device ( If there is a free space )How to use: ( Single Mode )1) Double Click to Browse or Drag & Drop: PKG file to decrypt and extract it's content. Read readme_for more informations on how to get it work under Linux System.!

Check On-line for Games Updates for PS3 & PSP Games. How to use: ( Batch Mode )1) Drag & Drop Files/Folders or Press CTRL F to Browse and add : PKG files to decrypt and extract it's content. ( Not all functions is Available for Linux Systems = Move files to PSP, Decrypt Non Retail PKG files, Browse Files Path, Texts Colors )!

PTF file to decrypt it.2) Select One of these options: Select "Auto Detect PKG Contents" to automatically (decrypt, dump) it's contect. NOTE: Select "AUTO DETECT PKG CONTENT" If you don't know what PSP PKG file content is. New Check Box Option in Log dialog that can view texts by Word wrap.

PTF file to decrypt it.2) Press 'Do it' to start the Operation.3) Double Click on each file to See the log dialog for any details. ( 'Single Mode' This will inform you if the game has an Update or not, if yes check the log details for the download link ) New Check Box Option in PSP Device dialog that can detect Connected PSP By Device Model.

The latest one has just been made available on PS4 all over the world, but there’s sadly not much to be excited about.

The update, version 4.71, doesn’t do much different from May’s 4.70 update.

View ICON & PIC and Title Name, Title ID, Category, Parental level of PKG file after extracted. Select "PC Engine Game" if the PKG file is a PC Engine Game. Select "Theme" if the PKG file is a Theme.3) See the log dialog for any details. Rewrite some functions so it can works with Linux Systems using Mono and Wine.

Select "PSOne Classic Game" if the PKG file is a PSOne Classic Game. ( In Batch Mode )Press F1 on Single\Batch form to show the Config dialog. NET 2.0This program intend to be use only with your own legal copy of the game. Support to automatically get information and download link for PKG file from . Support to check for games updates from PKG, ISO, EBOOT. Improved log dialog details and automatically detect the PKG download link.

I phoned the PS3 Helpline earlier this morning and I was the first one to tell them about this problem apparently.. Youtube have upgraded their flash and PS£ systems dont support it. :(well ive downloaded flash player, but the problem is when you go on a site you need flash player for it still comes up with for this site you need flash player please download or something like you havent got the plug- ins or somethning along tthose lines can someone help me with getting msn messenger on ps3 please..