You can use this material only when you are using the Typically, this material is visible in the Browser only if Direct X 9 or Direct X 10 is available on your system, and you are using the Direct3D display driver with Direct X 9.0 or Direct X 10.0 chosen as the Direct3D version.

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To hide them, Forest Tools set the elements of the Geometry List to "Disabled".

So, if you would like to recover the Forest mesh, set the Geometry back to "Custom Object".

If the FX/CGFX file you open is coded this way, the shader-specific rollouts display a control that lets you pick the light to use.

For example: For example, when you choose an XMSL file, a rollout appears for each Meta SL shader in the shader tree.

The Direct X Shader material enables you to shade objects in viewports using Direct X (Direct3D) shaders.

With Direct X shading, materials in a viewport more accurately represent how the material will appear in another application, or on other hardware such as a game engine.Parameter Jerk 2014 is a revit add-in (2014) that allows you to easily import one or multiple shared parameters into a single or multiple files.Use this blog post to provide feedback, ask questions or make suggestions.To uninstall Microsoft Silverlight on your Windows computer, please follow these steps: Close any currently open internet browser windows Click on the Start button. Locate and click on Microsoft Silverlight Choose Remove in Windows XP or Uninstall in Windows Vista/Windows 7.After completing the above steps, attempting to Watch Instantly on prompt you to reinstall Microsoft Silverlight These are issues/ problems that I’ve had with Revit whose resolution would improve my workflow (and probably that of others).That being said, let’s start off with the 3ds Max rendering series.