They are not only bug fixes, but most of the time they introduce useful and valuable new features, thus expanding the capabilities of still further.So, it is definitely worth making it a habit to regularly check for the latest releases.The Limitation: Suppose that you decided you wanted to add a new value to the list of options, and that, rather than four cells right next to each other, this same data validation rule was used across numerous non-contiguous cells, even cells across multiple worksheets.

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Here is a relatively common example of a nested IF statement to return letter grades based on test scores: =90 gets evaluated first, and if that condition is true, then the formula performs the calculation associated with that condition.

If the condition isn’t true, then it moves onto the second, and so on.

Every once in a very rare while, I find myself not motivated to expound upon deep and meaningful subjects. This is just a good ol’, “Hey, let’s look at a handy capability of Excel…and how to use it to the best of its ability.” This came up last week when a co-worker asked me: “How do I get dropdowns working in cells in Excel?

So, this post is not about the latest turn in world of privacy legislation, it’s not about my deepening fascination with two-tiered segmentation, it’s not about the perplexing and depressing indefinite postponement of Demystified Days, and it’s not even about pondering when Team Evil Forces will have a web site. ” She knew she had done it before, but she couldn’t remember how.

NOTE: this article is written for Excel 2010 and its Ribbon Interface.

The examples you see were created in Excel 2010, but saved as Excel 97-2003.

The following changes were implemented in previous updates and service packs.

These changes are all contained in the most recent service pack, so you do NOT need to look for these older service packs or download anything beyond the most current one.

Working examples are hosted on Microsoft’s Sky Drive service for you to download.

IF statements are one of the core formula models you can use in Excel, and they can be very powerful with regards to their logic.

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