Registration at the official SAM site — gov — is free.

updating ccr registration-11

And vendors new to the Government sector must establish a vendor record in SAM for the first time.

The good news is that SAM registration is something that any vendor can master by themselves.

If a record was scheduled to expire between July 16, 2012 and October 15, 2012, CCR is extending the expiration date by 90 days.

The registrant received an e-mail notification from CCR when the expiration date was extended.

Federal agencies will be able to look in one place for entity pre-award information.

Everyone will have fewer passwords to remember and see the benefits of data reuse as information is entered into SAM once and reused throughout the system. Note: SAM information must be updated at least every 12 months to remain active (for both grantees and sub-recipients).

Once approved, the regulation requires the dealer to ensure that the financial products offered suit the customer’s needs and criteria such as affordability and suitability, have been considered, with records of all advise & transactions kept for subsequent auditing.

Alternatively a dealer can join is a privately owned company Directly Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority since 2008.

The registrant then will receive standard e-mail reminders to update their record based on the new expiration date.