In SQL Server 2005 and earlier, it is not possible to pass a table variable as a parameter to a stored procedure.When multiple rows of data to SQL Server need to send multiple rows of data to SQL Server, developers either had to send one row at a time or come up with other workarounds to meet requirements. Net developer recently informed me that there is a SQLBulk Copy object available in .In this page, you can learn about Excel Pivot Tables, How to use them, Examples Pivot Table Reports & More. Click here to learn more about Excel School program.

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In SQL Server DUAL table does not exist, but you could create one.

The DUAL table was created by Charles Weiss of Oracle corporation to provide a table for joining in internal views.

Excel pivot tables are very useful and powerful feature of MS Excel. It is very well designed with lots of practical examples & tips.

They can be used to summarize, analyze, explore and present your data. You can download practice workbooks to instantly learn everything from Formulas, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables & Charts etc.

With most Excel spreadsheets, you enter data manually into cells and then use formulas or other functions to analyze it or perform calculations.

If you have a large data source, such as an Access database, a SQL Server database or even a large text file, you can also retrieve data from it using Excel.

Click the “Phone_Number” or other similarly named field in the Column to Filter pane and select “contains” in the filter type list. Select an ascending or descending sort order for the records to retrieve from the data source. Enable the “Return Data to Microsoft Excel” option and click the “Finish” button. Click and enable the “Table” option in the Import Data window. In the Connection Properties window, click the “Definition” tab.

Enable the “Existing Worksheet” option and click the “red arrow” icon to the right of the cell field under the Existing Worksheet label.

For instance, if your data source contains a list of customers and their contact information, you might have a field in the table for telephone numbers. Since that time, Grundy has written many guides to using various applications that are published on numerous how-to and tutorial sites.