Because friendships are so very important to teenagers, it can be particularly challenging to lure a young person to church without the promise of friendship.Adults may be mature enough to accept the lesson Eugene England taught, that divinely appointed church units are redemptive. How can we, as adults, keep our youth active when the things we have to offer them are not the same as what the world offers?

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Most recently, those of us who dared voice our political views opened ourselves up to ridicule and criticism.

The world will inevitably try to shame those who dare speak their mind.

Often youth will bond with one another, forming dear friendships with in their own wards, and snap, out of the blue, their ward gets divided.

Unlike the churches my neighbors attend, Latter-day Saints don’t just up and switch congregations to be with their friends.She reminds me that within five minutes of my house there are two popular Presbyterian churches, as well as an Episcopal and a Lutheran Church. However, at times I am envious of my neighbor’s proclivity to flit from one Catholic Church to another, based on her desire to be with her friends. They do not always attend church because it is “redemptive.” Too often they attend church because it is “fun” because they have friends there, or because they would like to be friends with someone there.When she meets a new friend that attends a different church than hers, she simply goes to church with that new friend. (My girlfriend was a non-member when, as a teenager, she attended an LDS church looking for Donny Osmond.She soon discovers someone wants her there, desperately… This book is Free on August 12, 2017Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Perfect Spiral: Playing Dirty Sports (Book 2) by Lane Hart: Quarterback Quinton Dunn had the perfect life until someone left a baby on his doorstep with a note saying it’s his son.The football star has no idea who the mother could be or how in the world he’s going to take care of an infant on his own.She has vowed herself to Hector Mennock and she will marry only him… His ship left Scotland before hers, and he failed to meet her at their designated rendezvous place. In the Cariboo gold fields of British Columbia in the late 1850s, it isn’t easy for a young woman to travel alone…This book is Free on August 12, 2017Kindle Fled is that Music by Desiree Hamersley: 1910, Yorkshire.