With some of T`s games you could be playing a mainstream adventure - such as Myst, not an adult game and have an interest in the conclusion whether or not you get the girl (or boy) Enjoyed this one. Points for an anal scene which seems rare in these games. Nice to have save/restore points as it saves you having to go right back to the start [unless you mess up big time! You need 54 points or more to progress to the last and very sexy stages of the game. Just for the reference I `ve found this game to be `outrageously` short compared to both `Getting to know Christine` and the Keeley games. I like the fact that there is a plot in there - and it`s not just the ten minute `zipless f**k`. If you `skip minigame` then you lose points and cannot finish the last stage. Game play was awesome, graphics were good and good looking people. Loved the addition of sound effects as it adds even more stimulation to an already highly erotic game. He's seen two pretty ladies staying in the rays of sun.

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I would have loooved to see a lot more of Keisha`s past and current character and body.

A few example scenes I would have relished to have seen her in: - getting educated to learn her seven languages -including the neccessary `etiquette` for the different cultures- to which she alluded in the bar scene. When you answered the phone at the coffee shop, was that Chinese?

Would be nice if there was a few possible outcomes for a choice that gets you to the same place. porfavor Basic start for all endings: Finish up your work 2. "Just pick a number." (Now open the number 1 in a new tab until you are winning, it`s random! "Let Rachel touch your chest." Let Rachel finish Say goodbye to Kelly Find something else to do Go back to the lobby 1. Can`t recommend this game enough as you can easily note an evolution when it comes down to the variety of choices you can make and the number of endings you can get. Walkthroughs can be found on most from the site though it`s a yahoo site and it only allows you to play so many pages before you have to wait for more stream time. There`s other games on force one that involve members in this game where you can date them as well. Really liked this game, but it took awhile to finally work it through to an ending.

) Kiss her during the excitement Finish kissing Collect winnings 1. "I..a ticket to a strip club competition." Give her the ticket information Say goodbie to Sophie 1. "Two beers." Finish having drinks Suggest dancing Finish dancing 2. "Actually, I don`t know if it`s your thing, but I have this ticket to a competition at a strip club..." 1. "Let`s go somewhere else." Walk back to mid-town Take her to the store ENTER STORE Now it depends an what you want to do. Walkthroughs can be found on most from the site though it`s a yahoo site and it only allows you to play so many pages before you have to wait for more stream time. I put Rachel in the strip contest, and when she won, the game moved onto a nice ending.

"Let`s go somewhere else." Walk back to mid-town Walk to the south end of the street Walk down to the port Take her to the strip club Talk to Leilani Let them talk Meet Leilani later Walk back to mid-town Walk to the north end of the street Take her to the bar Speak with Leilani Talk with Leilani Take the ticket Speak with Sophie 1. "Let`s go somewhere else." Walk to the south end of the street Take her to the restaurant Talk to the barmaid 2. " Collect the drinks Finish having drinks Talk to the barmaid 1. "Apparently, you perform the best strip and win 00." 1. - Buy the dress on the right if you want to fuck the secretary. This was a great game, just takes awhile to get through everything. After dating each girl of the series, you now have the chance to have threesomes (or 4-some in one ending).

"Maybe we can help build your confidence." Let Kelly finish work 1. - Buy the scotch if you want to fuck the 2 girls at the fitness center. Rachel has `cartoon tits`, but the rest of the girls look great.

I really wanted to make something for Newgrounds Halloween so knocked this up in a couple of days without sleeping : S It;s a lot shorter than I wanted but it still okay, it's very easy as I didn't have any time for proper programming but still, enjoy!

Their breasts attracted him like big juicy mellons.

She had told me of this one day when her roomate, him and her were all in the pool.