Tobias has a strong background in field work and already worked in various sedimentary environments (e.g.

Live viewing allows you to quickly and easily learn where users look and how they behave while interacting with a website or software.

This method gives offers you a quick way of detecting and explaining usability issues that will engage designers, developers, and clients in the process of your research. Eye tracking can be used in storytelling to support your recommendations in usability and user experience research contexts.

The following is a letter from Tobi that she wrote after Tuesday’s blog post. Because of the way he loves me, supports me and vigorously watches out for my best interest, he is just as protective of me as he says I am of my family.

I know how hard this was for her to write, and I’ll be forever thankful she did because her vulnerability is far more powerful than me telling you anything. And it’s true what he said, I am protective of them.

During a postdoctoral position at the Geographical Institute in Leipzig Tobias cooperated with dating laboratories in Freiberg and Hannover and used the luminescence dating technique for palaeoenvironmental investigations in Central Germany.

After his stay at Leipzig University, Tobias went back to LIAG and worked on loess-palaeosol sequences in Northern Iran focusing on litho- and chronostratigraphical investigations of these sediment archives in Northern Iran.boopydoopy I have no words to explain how powerful every piece of music is, and how GENIUS Toby is with his leitmotifs. This was tied with Spear of Justice (because it TRULY FEELS like I'm getting HEROICALLY PUNCHED IN THE FACE! Anyways, about my favorite track, It's Raining Somewhere Else is a very heart wrenching and powerful track, and the meaning behind it is so deep.To BI is a framework for developing community-wide conventions for transcribing the intonation and prosodic structure of spoken utterances in a language variety.A To BI framework system for a language variety is grounded in careful research on the intonation system and the relationship between intonation and the prosodic structures of the language (e.g., tonally marked phrases and any smaller prosodic constituents that are distinctively marked by other phonological means).The replay or visualization of gaze data is perfect for showing your customer the actual user behavior and describing problematic points.