Well, if you're on the hunt for a new dating app with a new twist, say hello to 3nder, the service that promises to provide "threesomes made easy."Before you get too excited about all the that awaits you: this app is still in its funding stage. It also seeks to make society as a whole more open about sexual desires. But 3nder doesn't just seek to help individuals satisfy their needs and fulfill their fantasies.When they first started they had only male and female members, but today each and every one of these dating sites offer membership to males, females, couples, gay couples and transvestites.

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These sites are not only great for finding threesome’s but you will also find plenty of couples who arrange orgies and swinger parties.

The actual name for these sites are adult dating personals and were primary aimed at single people to meet up for a no strings attached encounter.

We actually gave up reading the replies after the first one hundred or so, and if there were any genuine replies within this mass of garbage I’m afraid they were lost.

Our next step was to check out the swingers scene, well I’m not going to go into detail about swingers because I really don’t want to upset anyone but needless to say that scene was deffinitly not for us and probably not for you unless your an over weight sixty something couple looking to swap your husband or wife with a complete stranger.

How has the normalization of anal sex shifted our attitudes and discussions around consent?

How must the conversations evolve as a result of anal's newfound popularity?Free Ones Threesome section focuses on the best threeway sex videos for you! Threesome dating sites are basically like normal dating personals except instead of looking to find a soul mate you’re looking for a sex mate.We ended up going down town every weekend without any success at all but we still enjoyed the party life so that still happens most weekends whereas it never appealed to us before.We did talk to a lot of women and made some nice friends who we still meet up with for drinks, we just didn’t meet anyone interested in a threesome.They also have sections of the site dedicated to what ever fetish your into, including BDSM, feet, uniforms and to be honest the list of fetishes goes on and on.