He says he's already got a girl wearing his, but there was no sign of that jersey anywhere. As Sasuke walked into the classroom then Karin just followed."Yo Sasuke! She had the same thing on as the three girls and Sasuke's jersey on. You know how boring Hawaii is without anyone to talk to? I'm Sakura." She said stretching out a hand to shake."Hello. The girls laughed."Hmm hot and an amazing football player? This only got Sakura to blush even harder."Yeah." Karin could literally feel her heart break into a million pieces. Sasuke smirked before pulling her into a tight hug.Karin huffed at the thought of him giving his jersey to someone else. " Naruto called holding up a hand signaling him to sit by him. When she got to the game she immediately saw the girls at the student section in the stands. She plays volleyball and basketball with her girls."I missed you so much Saku! " The girls giggled as they made their way up to the bleachers where Karin stood. Her thin body and gorgeous face made Karin want to puke."Who's this? It's nice to meet you." Karin said before shaking her hand."Anyways, was Hawaii really that boring? And I'm sure there were plenty of hot boys out there." Ino said winking."Ino! It's true, even though you're taken." Ino said again with a wink."Oh you have a boyfriend? The girls nodded while Sakura just blushed, "Who's the guy? He's just only extremely beautiful and an amazing football player." Tenten said."Let's face it girls, he's not beautiful.. After the game Karin wasn't feeling to best even though they won 30-6. Karin watched from the stands with a broken heart and hands falling limply."I'm glad you came. She didn't mind that he smelled like shit, she just enjoyed the idea of being with him.

the dating game sasusaku fanfiction-78

Enter thugs, fan boys and Jiraiya, the host and a pervert extraordinaire. Sakura wants to find a boyfriend by the end of this school year.

Naru Saku Sasu SEQUEL DTM,5 years later, Sasuke moves to America for some business work, but only to find Sakura which he thought was dead, happy ending? However, when her teammates find out, one of them isn't exactly pleased... Her students instantly think of her as a bimbo and refuse to cope with her. Her hardest mission: Gaining respect from Uchiha Sasuke.

story being editeddd Life is cruel…that is something Haruno Sakura had learned over her 16 years of life…her family was going to move so Sakura could live closer to her fiancé…

Seven minutes in heaven and it all ends with a saturday night dance! Meet Sakura Haruno, a new student NINJA to Konoha High. The mysterious girl that roams in the night, Sakura's new powers and a secret that will change thier world. Neji Saku When a mission turns into chaos, the rescuer needs rescuing, the rescuee rescues and...

If he wasn't going to give it to her then she will just have to ask for it."Hey Sasuke-kun! Sasuke turned to look at the red head."Hey." He simply said."Can I wear your jersey? " She begged."Sorry Karin, but someone else is wearing it already. The guys were all wearing their jerseys, red with white letterings. Since today was the game, she had to add some spirit into her wardrobe. They all had pretty much the same thing on, white flare jeans and the jerseys. " Ino asked as she finally noticed Hinata's irregular behavior."Saki texted me saying she was going to be here at 7. " Hinata asked."Yes, but hey it was fun at the same time. She watched as the girls ran towards the field to their boyfriends. " Sakura nodded, "Sorry for telling you to come right after your flight.""No, it was ok. He pulled away and wiped a piece of hair away from her face before placing it on her cheek.

After a tragic death of Sakura, Sasuke waits for the promise of her being recreated 150 years later. Little does he know, he is in for the most interesting year at school yet, becoming caught in this complicated web that this new girl weaves. if you want a possible sequel for this, READ THE ANNOUCEMENT.

"Well things are a little different now, aren't they? "With half of Akatsuki gone, we can relax a little bit, indeed.""Especially with my precious brother gone," he said.

" someone else said, nearly crying."Who knew the Uchiha would ever do that? He is only holding her hand.""Does Naruto know about this? He smirked at her, linking how she looked while she blushed.

Ever since she moved into this school, he's been on her mind. Karin has no idea of this relationship simply because the girl Sasuke's been dating has been on vacation with her family for the past week. And lastly, Shikamaru gave his number 26 jersey to Ino. They waved off each other and walked to their classes.

They talk occasionally, but enough to be called friends. Girls and boys try to tell her, but she never paid any attention to them because all her attention is adverted to Sasuke. Tradition is that the guys will give the girls they like their jerseys. Now Sasuke has not given his number 23 jersey to any girl yet. The weird thing is they have the same class this hour, History. Karin's eye balls literally bulged out of her eyes. She only thought they had a thing or something."N-no way." She stammered.

" she asked insecurely."Nice job," he replied, this time being the one to squeeze her hand. She really made him feel good."Talking about team seven, how is Kakashi doing lately? He changes subjects as soon as I start asking him about it." She looked annoyed. Again, Sasuke thought of how beautiful she looked while she blushed."I thought so too,' he smirked, enjoying how she was struggling for the right words. It was funny to see her having trouble thinking of the right words. She tasted sweet and her lips felt soft against his own. He slowly smiled at her."I really liked it tonight," he said."M-Me too," she replied, still surprised."I want to do it over again."She regained her smile. "Good night, Sasuke-kun.""Good night, Sakura," he replied.