I used a spark plug gap tool to check the plug gap.

The .030 wire fit inside the gap with a slight amount of drag, which is ideal.

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This machine has a 9 HP Tecumseh 4-stroke single-cylinder engine. Since this is a tapered pipe fitting, the rule of thumb is: One to two full turns after the fitting is hand tightened.

Many small engines like this should have the oil changed every 25 hours of operation. Then I drained the dish pan into a plastic paint cup that had fluid measurement marks on it.

The date of manufacture is not listed on the tractor itself.

With the Tecumseh and Briggs engines, the date code can be obtained from the engine to give the year the engine was manufactured.

Original model identification numbers of an engine should always be transferred to a new short block for correct parts identification (diag. Tecumseh strongly recommends the use of fresh clean unleaded regular gasoline in all engines.

The use of multigrade oil may increase oil consumption under high temperature, high load applications. For summer (above 32°F, 0°C): Use SAE 30 oil part #730225 (1 quart, .946 liter container) in high temperature, high load applications. If the engine has been replaced you will have a problem.If the tractor hasn't been repainted, the original color is also useful in determining the year.Also the letter that ends the serial denotes what shift it was built during, so that may be different even though the number was the same.This Sears Craftsman 28" snowblower needed an oil change. The number following the model number is the specification number.