The land that lay between the Ribble and Mersey, Inter Ripam et Mersam, was included in the returns for Cheshire.

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It could carry a maximum bomb load of 22,000 lb, its maximum level speed with a full load at 15,000 feet was 275 mph and it could cruise routinely at altitudes above 20,000ft at a range speed of 200 mph.

With a full bomb load the aircraft had a range in excess of 1,500 miles.

Please get in touch with the organisers at [email protected] if you would like to book a stall for £30 or to sponsor the Festival (leaflets and posters have been printed but logos can be put onto the website for £25), if you would like to do a talk or cookery demo, if you would like to volunteer on the day, or if you would just like more information.

Objective/brief: To arrange a 3-day annual conference for over 240 delegates, commercial partners and sponsors.

The prototype Lancaster took to the air for its first flight from Woodford, Manchester, on 9 44 Squadron at Waddington, quickly followed by 97 Squadron at Woodhall Spa.

The performance of the Lancaster was simply outstanding.

until midnight at the Gregson Centre, 33, Moorgate, Moor Lane, Lancaster, LA1 3PY.

On May 12, 2012, one of the organisers of the Festival organised a very successful vegan fair at another venue in Lancaster which 900 people came to, despite the fact that it was not publicised heavily outside of Lancaster and nearby Morecambe and Preston, so as this much bigger version of that fair will be publicised heavily across the North with far more leaflets, we expect a much larger turnout than 900 people.

Modern aerial photographs are also available for all of Lancashire.

Because of internet limitations the map area is smaller than the maps here but if you are interested in an area not covered here then it is definitely the place to try.

If you are interested in studying old maps or tracing family history then this is the place to go.