For me it's not about power, although I can feel the power surge through me as I strut down the aisle. I love reading the Slave Leia fan fiction, and the Handcuff Girl stories, and the Gor novels. When I'm Slave Leia, I'm helpless, a sex object to be desired, used, purchased, or sold.

The Slave Leia costume refers to the bikini-style outfit worn by Princess Leia Organa when she was captured by Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi.

Now I'm team lead and it's my turn to slap THEM on the butt when I send the out to run personal errands. What my brother coders don't know is that while I'm supposedly visiting an imaginary sister in San Diego I'm actually rocking my Princess Leia slave girl bikini at one of the big nerd conventions.

I'm not girly-girl enough to sew, but I make a very nice living, thank you, and was thus able to buy a professional costume that rocks from my gold earrings right down to my furry boots.

Variations of the costume have been worn by characters in other Star Wars mediums, like Diva Shaliqua in The Phantom Menace, Zam Wesell in Star Wars: Jango Fett, and the Jedi Exile in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

The costume has also made several pop culture appearances outside of the Star Wars universe, such as when it was worn by Jennifer Aniston in the television sitcom Friends, by Yvonne Strahovski in the TV show Chuck, and Kristen Bell in Fanboys.

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Find out why they promise to lead you in the right direction when it comes to your play and really bring out the animal in you!Read more When it comes to slave collars, we can barely restrain ourselves.So, if you want to show someone you really care, or simply add a little bondage to your bedroom antics, this guide promises to lead you in the right direction.The costume has gained a huge fan following since the 1983 release of Return of the Jedi.Hundreds of female fans wear home-made and store-bought versions of the costume at science fiction conventions, many of whom post pictures of themselves on the popular fansite, Leia's Metal Bikini.After writing his suicide note, he lies on a large table saw with a moving feed, but is interrupted by a fight between Tweek and Craig entering his classroom, killing Kenny in the process.