I create an instance of 'My Widget' named My Widget1 and I set the property values of the m_Widget to match one of the items in the 'Combo Box List(Of Widget)'. Here is a link to a sample project demonstrating this scenario: Thanks in advance for any help :) In the file: mw I replaced: Public Sub Change Selected My Widget(By Val sender As Object) Dim tmp Window As mw Window = CType(My.

I then set the Data Context of the Combo Box to My Widget1. When I change the Combo Box selected item, only the ID property of 'My Widget1. How do I get the object 'Widget' on 'My Widget1' to be updated instead of just 'My Widget1.

So your data object has to be capable of having different To String values based on its content for this all to work. If you think there is a still a problem after reading this info, then please email over a simple sample project that shows the issue. [rant]Okay, this took me 3 days to figure this one out which is a bit too much considering I am still in evaluation mode.

Along with the next toolkit release, I will release guides on the ISelection Adapter interface and more involved customizations that people have been asking me about.

One of the new controls in the Silverlight Toolkit is the Auto Complete Box control.

Inspired by many other auto complete controls, this implementation breaks new ground with its true data binding support, built-in set of search filters, and rich data template support.

I have the following scenario: 1 class called 'Widget' with the properties: ID, Code, Description 1 class called 'My Widget' with a property: m_Widget As Widget 1 Combo Box The Combo Box has a List(Of Widget) set as the Item Source.

When the application is initially started the first selection change fires a Command as expected. I have added a button that allows me to clear Combo Box selection (set Selected Item to null).

All subsequent selection changes never fire additional Commands unless Return is pressed immediately after a selection change. Setting Selected Item to null too does not fire a Command but the very next attempt to change Combo Box selection results in a Command being fired.

I have looked at the samples and I have basically implemented everything in a similar fashion.

Still I am observing a problem with Commands not being fired when expected.

Now after selecting a rectangle it no longer selects the correctly matched item in the Combo Box.