The strong emphasis on enamel on silver that gave Norwegian goldsmiths their reputation made Norwegian silver a growing industry, and meant a lot for the export. Today one can find mid-century enameled jewelry from Norway anywhere in the world.

Although Norwegian silver should always be marked, it usually takes some knowledge to decode the different hallmarks that appear.

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However, since this has been a question of company policy there are no rules for this.

When the word is not stated, the first clue to identification of Norwegian silver is the content mark that gives the quantity of pure silver in the piece.

Identifying and authenticating antique and period jewelry is based on experience and knowledge.

It is often a process of comparing known with unknown and making an educated guess.

Understanding British Hallmarks The 8 hallmarks that guarantee the quality and value on UK Assayed products.

Gold and Silver Hallmark Guide Buy this hallmark guide for your iphone, ipod touch or mobile device for £2.99 now.However, when a piece of jewelry is hallmarked, the marks can yield clues to country of origin and, sometimes, date of manufacture, as well as indicate the metal content of the piece. Indications of fineness or karat have been required since 1906, but fineness marks were sometimes stamped on silver jewelry in the 19 Every country has a different system of hallmarking, ranging from simple to complex.The most accurate definition of a hallmark is the mark or marks stamped, impressed, or struck on gold, silver, or platinum which indicate fineness or karat (also called quality or purity marks). The most commonly found marks will be discussed here.1921, and/or the city such as Oslo, Christiania (the former name of Oslo until 1906), Bergen or Trondheim.The bigger companies started using 'Norway' and the content mark 'Sterling' after World War II.There is a common misunderstanding about what a hallmark really is. A hallmark is nothing more than an indication of metal content, a guarantee of purity or quality, which may include a makers mark and other marks. Hallmarks are most often found on precious metal objects.