This move sparked the beginning of a special 3-way friendship bond.

~ Jolin's career skyrocketed with the release of her first album under the Sony BMG label ‘Magic'.

Rumour has it that Jolin's unwillingness to get married led to their separation but she and her friends have denied that.

But I’ll just admit shamelessly that you’re the man of my dreams!

”Although the 37-year-old models apparel from Grace’s online store rather frequently to show his support, it is said that he had caught Grace off guard as she did not expect him to address her directly in the post by tagging her, which was something he had never done before.

B : July 30, 1979 Horoscope : Leo Zodiac : Goat Height : 180 cm Weight : 68 kg Family : Parents ( father deceased) Name : Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 D. B : September 15, 1980Horoscope : Virgo Zodiac : Monkey Height : 158 cm Weight : 40 kg Family : Parents and an elder sister~ Show revealed that he first got to know Jolin upon the release of her 2nd album.~ Show's initial impression of Jolin was that she was ‘pretentious' and Jolin's first impression of Show was that he was ‘flirtatious'.

Show offered to teach, and got his friend Jay Chou to chip in as well.

She is only the second girlfriend he has acknowledged, despite his rumoured romances with actresses including Niki Chow and Annie Liu.

The other girlfriend he acknowledged was singer Linda Wong, back in the 1990s.On Tuesday, Hong Kong pop star Kwok, 50, announced his romance with Fang, a Chinese model like his former girlfriend Lynn Hung, 35, but who is just 27.It is the first time he has acknowledged a girlfriend openly, and the media are hearing serious wedding bells.He is commonly known by his Chinese nickname Xiao Zhu (Little Pig) due to being overweight during his middle school years. His father was a host and his mother was a Taiwanese Aborigine singer.Their job was holding entertainment shows for different events such as wedding.Fans were shocked when Jolin Tsai called it quits with longtime beau, Vivian Dawson after dating for six years.