-Reapply as needed until you get the desired shade of bronze.

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Maybe OCC’s “Hoochie” and “NSFW” Lip Tar can truly help us bring our sexy dreams to light. And we also know that we’re entitled to wear whatever we want, and that anybody who doesn’t feel comfortable with our lipstick, eyeliner, or whatever else can quietly and calmly bury themselves in sand.

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To be clear, that does not in any way mean that you can’t have acne and also be sexy — of course you can. No, really, it doesn’t — because cool indie brands have accepted that their cool, sexy customers are not immune to a forehead that feels like an alien landscape or a chin that sprouts several smaller chins around the same time every month.

Just look at the long list of conventionally attractive famous people who’ve had pictures of their breakouts played on loop on national television in Proactiv ads: You’ve got your Bieber, your Adam Levine, your Katy Perry, your Vanessa Williams… As an additional drawback, it can mean spending a lot of money on products in hideous packaging basically indistinguishable from off-brand wart cream that you’d never in a million years want to leave out on your nightstand for a new lover to wake up next to, or perched on the bathroom sink for your impossibly stylish friend staying with you from out of town to see.

What it is: A lightweight, transfer-resistant, tinted lotion to give legs a natural-looking bronze glow.

What it does: Keep your legs looking perfect all day with the Tinted Glow Gel.

At Sport Clips, we’re not about one-size-fits-all hair care.

We use and sell top-quality products formulated to address guys’ unique hair care needs and lifestyles.

It’s also perfect for adding definition and contouring the arms and décolletage area.

What it is formulated WITHOUT: - Parabens - Sulfates - Phthalates Suggested Usage: -Apply generously all over the legs, from the upper thigh on clean, dry skin.

From a subtle glow to a flushed lip; an indulgent skin oil to a scent that won’t quit, we’ve gathered together twelve beauty essentials with full out sensuality in mind from head to toe…