Major Problems with Sex In Your This site deliberately puts up bait and switch scams to lure men in and make them join.

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I asked how this was possible, seeing as the site did not advertise a yearly membership for $119.95 (only $99.95).

In the ensuing replies from the billing team, I was told variously that the membership jumped as soon as I signed up, or that it was $119.95 all along (I have a hard-copy of the membership fees page printed off with the $99.95 price).

Krissy began in the adult entertainment industry working as an exotic dancer at the strip club Southern Exposure in Utah for a year.

Lynn moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and continued to work as a dancer at the gentleman's club Sapphire.

This really is suppose to become an adult dating website.

You will find lady who're attempting to persuade and direct one to there porn websites, among which is really a teenager adult website and that's the things they are with this site for.It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report.READ: Foreign websites steal our content Got Reports filed against you?That means this site is never going to do anything for you.You’d be better off walking to a funeral parlor and asking a lady out, honestly.I've all emails which were delivered to me for that solicitation of intercourse and they were looking to get me to visit the adult website from witch they work on.