Also known as sexual compulsion or sexual dependency, the condition of being addicted to sex is considered by some to be a form of obsessive-compulsive behavior, as it can dominate a person's life.

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Written by a polyamorous switch called Bratt, this blog ...Finding a place in the city is rough sometimes for a good place honestly and I spent two years in a real shitty studio apartment with not even a laundry room in the building and just no room or increasingly no room. Seriously there's a 50-50 draw at work and just sort of on a whim I put my name in and I won.Not big cash but you know it was enough to move, first and lasts plus getting back my deposit from the other place and I moved to 200 Timber lane.It's one of those places that was amalgamated into the city so it's in town but it's kind of off in the boonies for the city in a kind of older neighborhood with a lot of older buildings.The apartment building is just two stories and it used to actually be some kind of bakery I guess according to Jack the super who showed me the place and the shipping dock room was converted into a pretty big laundry room. It was actually pretty spacious and the floors were all tiled or oilcloth and there was new carpet in the bedroom and while there was lots of space and heat included in the rent since it had a hot water pipe and boiler system it was still out of the way and my drive to work went from fifteen minutes to about forty.Sex addiction is any compulsive, sexually motivated behavior that is acted out regardless of any negative consequences that the behavior might have on one's life.