If you are , for example, depressed, anxious, traumatised, alcholic, fearful, angry, disturbed or insecure you...

I have been practising as a psychotherapist and counsellor since 1999 and I work with clients who are struggling with all kinds of emotional difficulties and life issues.

Feeling sad, anxious, stressed, stuck or depressed? Sometimes life feels overwhelming when change happens and we find ourselves confused and anxious, not knowing where to turn.

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If you’re one of the lucky ones who got to study there, you’ll get the following. The word KUNT isn’t a bad word Instead a KUNT is anyone who plays for Kingston University Netball team.

Don’t fear if you’re new to Kingston and see a huge gaggle of tall women heading towards you shouting ‘The KUNTS are coming’. The Clayhill Halls odour Arguably the most popular halls of residents, they’re the go to place for first year parties.

The Conservative Kingston council leader, Kevin Davis, said: “My ambition for the borough is that we can be independent from grant completely, that we can move away from a system where central government hands out monies to us and we have to spend it in the most reasonable way we can find.

I want to see whether we can give [it] back to government, in return for which they need to give us some freedoms – in particular, give us a bit of an uplift in business rates.“We are in conversation with [the Government] about it. It’s obviously got a bit tangled up in the wider devolution debate.

We provide routine testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV testing, treatment following HIV risk (PEPSE), emergency contraception services, a full range of contraceptive services and dedicated clinics for young people, gay/bisexual men and patients with learning difficulties.

A referral is not required and there are walk-in clinics every day.

As people come to therapy with many different problems, it is difficult to...

We see everyone at the Wolverton Centre At the Wolverton Centre we have been providing a free, comprehensive and confidential sexual health service in Southwest London to everyone who may need our service for nearly twenty years.

The full programme will be available on this page soon.

My aim is to create a warm confidential safe space for you to feel respected, heard, understood and supported, enabling you to find meaning in your difficulties.

Officials from Conservative-controlled Kingston upon Thames council in south-west London are talking to ministers about losing all their central grant money in return for greater control over business rates and, ultimately, the freedom to set council tax.