Strollers and carts must be folded before boarding the bus.

All transit buses are equipped with a wheelchair lift and securement system to serve passengers who are physically challenged.

Limit your carry-on packages to the size and number you can easily handle.

Domestic Violence is often cyclical, with three distinct phases: tension-building phase, acute or abusive phase, and "honeymoon" phase.

After the "honeymoon" phase, the cycle starts again, onto the tension building phase, and so on.

"Provide safe, affordable, reliable and efficient transit service that effectively meets the needs of Porterville residents who have limited mobility options or those who choose transit for some, or all, of their local transit needs." Tips for Riders Transit drivers cannot make change so have exact fare ready.

Children must be at least 7 years of age to ride the bus without adult supervision.Tropical landscaped grounds and beautiful Mediterranean architecture combine to create a pristine, country-like atmosphere, all within reach of great employment centers in Vista, Carlsbad, and other nearby cities. Breed Restrictions Apply - Select Homes Only Dogs Allowed. The black light test was not done upon move in so we didn't have any proof that it was there during our residency.At Bella Terra, we are proud to offer a generous selection of one, two, and three bedroom apartment homes. We ended up having to pay for new carpet, even though no other areas of the house where the dog was allowed had stains. The Family Crisis Center is working hard to rid our young people’s lives of the drama of violence.As young people you have enough going on, school, clubs, sports, dances, spending time with friends etc...You and your friends don’t need to put up with unhealthy relationships.