He sent the audience into silenced awe when he talked about his relationship with his twin brother, Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy."He taught me that loving people isn't a choice," Ashton Kutcher said. We're all created incredibly (unequal) to one another. but we all have the equal capacity to love one another."When Ashton Kutcher received the award, he was moved to tears because of the honor: Character hides and it comes out when you get smacked in the mouth. The couple became parents to a girl, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, in 2014."There’s an earnestness and an 'honestness' here that lacks in a lot of other places in the world," Ashton Kutcher said.

"And that people aren't actually all created equal. It comes out when you're walking your brother home from school and some kid hits you in the back on the head because he wants to fight with your brother and you say, 'No.' ... "People aren't afraid to work and aren't afraid to work really hard. Actor and Iowa native Ashton Kutcher accepts the Robert D.

Ashton Kutcher is doing his part to eradicate sex trafficking.

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' And you gotta be honest, and you've got to want an honest answer. He asked the question and it turned into a huge fight, and I'm like, that's kind of the point. She had no idea that I had been saving every last one of the Daily E's, so I had them published in a leather-bound book and gave it to her on our one-year anniversary."Beyoncé on Jay-Z: "The day that I got engaged was my husband's birthday and I took him to Crazy Horse. Kutcher was the ditzy pretty boy Kelso, and Mila Kunis, at 15, was Kelso's on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jackie. She seemed as if she'd done it a thousand times," Kutcher told the magazine. I mean, here's this little girl, and I have to kiss her.

Obviously, something needed to be fixed, he needed to be aware of it, and she needed to get it off her chest."Jada Pinkett Smith on keeping things fresh: "Think of places outside that are comfortable to have sex. And I remember thinking, 'Damn, these girls are fly' -- I just thought it was the ultimate sexy show I've ever seen. It was nerve-racking." 2002: With "That '70s Show" turning both Kutcher and Kunis into household names, their private lives became the interest of the public.

Kutcher's stocked a "secondary fridge" with foods she might crave, and is also learning Russian to speak to their baby. Another thing: Ever since (our) first conversation about spirituality, I would e-mail her a daily encouragement that had a Bible verse and words of inspiration. A bonus tip is to go outside and get a little piece of nature: a shell, a leaf ... Adhere that piece of nature to the center of the heart, and then get stretched out, because you're going on a ride to the realm of coitus."Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, parents of six: "Once every week or two weeks we'll ask somebody to spend the night, so we can go and be alone together.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum's honesty trick: "Jenna's and my thing is checking in with each other all the time, like 'On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you love me right now? I called them 'Daily E's.' After six months, she lost her Black Berry, and she was so upset that she had lost them. We just go to another part of the house and lock the door."1998: Kutcher, then 20, landed a role in "That '70s Show," the Fox comedy about a high school kid growing up in Wisconsin during the late 1970s.

Ashton Kutcher's first acting gig, playing Kelso on That '70s Show, led him to roles in films like 'Guess Who,' 'A Lot Like Love,' 'The Guardian,' 'No Strings Attached' and 'Jobs.' From 2011 to 2015 he starred in CBS' hit show 'Two and a Half Men.'Actor Ashton Kutcher was born Feb. A talent scout discovered him in college, which led to modeling, most notably for Calvin Klein.

In 1998, Kutcher landed the role of Kelso on Born Christopher Ashton Kutcher on February 7, 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Ashton Kutcher started out as a model, later becoming a popular actor and successful producer.He was born minutes ahead of his fraternal twin brother, Michael, to factory workers Larry and Diane Kutcher.At the age of 13, Kutcher was dealt two painful blows: His parents divorced and his twin brother had to undergo emergency heart transplant surgery after his heart was badly damaged by a virus.DES MOINES — Ashton Kutcher left Iowa to escape the small towns and endless farmland.Now, a worldwide success at age 39 and a father of two, he seems pretty happy to be in his home state."I left Iowa wanting to get out of Iowa, and the older I get the more I want to come home," he said Saturday in an interview with ."If I could give him my heart so that he could live, I would have," Kutcher later told magazine.