Tourism in Prague has slumped by 20 per cent since last summer's floods and many are fearful of turning away the more than 300,000 British tourists a year - the third largest number after the Germans and Poles.

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Join me as we walk through hundreds of years of pleasurable devices ...

The first floor features a screening room where patrons gather to ogle silent, black and white erotica.

Did you know that the vibrator was once a medical tool used to treat symptoms of hysteria? Fans of digital stimulation will especially enjoy this device.

Doctors believed that a woman's uterus could inspire "hysterical" behavior. Slip your fingers into the straps and turn the bad boy on.

The scientific programme emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of Sexual Health/Sexual Rights covering 7 main themes: Basic Research, Behavioural, Social & Historical, Bio-medical Research, Clinical Research & Practice, Public Health & Policies, Sexual Rights, and Sexuality Education.

Besides the scientific diversity, we will also have gender balance and regional representation, with invited speakers coming from the five continents.

I’m a sucker for weird museums like this – I thought Iceland’s Phallological Museum was great – so, the Sex Machines Museum was one of the first places I checked out once I got in to Prague.

The SMM (Sex Machines Museum) opened in 2002, and it’s been a point of controversy since the beginning.

You've probably heard of New York City's famous Museum of Sex, but did you know that Prague is home to the Sex Machines Museum?