Eventually, she returned to screens in several feature films, the musical, "Rock of Ages" (2012), among them.

Almost preternaturally beautiful and talented, Zeta-Jones remained one of film's more impressive leading ladies.

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He has had great success in other roles, but even decades later, Connery and Bond remain indelibly linked in the public's mind.

He was named People's Sexiest Man Alive in 1989, when he was 59, and Sexiest Man of the Century ten years later.

Sandra Bullock has fallen in love with so many men, she could give Elizabeth Taylor a run for her money. Now we're about to enter the summer of the cougar at the multiplex.

Let us count the ways: There was the time she was an FBI agent posing undercover as a beauty-pageant contestant and ended up under the covers with her partner ( in which she plays a bitchy Canadian book editor who pretends to be engaged to her assistant so that she can get a work visa to stay in America. You might even say that the older women are outnumbering the younger ones at the movies, and they're getting all the action from leading men so young that they'd probably rather hang out with Zac Efron than Ashton Kutcher. ) In , Meryl Streep (who turns 60 on June 22) plays real-life kitchen cougar Julia Child. Julia Child is played by Stanley Tucci, 11 years younger than his leading lady; the real Paul Child was older than his wife. Demi Moore and Katie Couric aren't to blame for all this, and Hollywood insiders are pleading innocence, claiming that they aren't necessarily trying to hop on the cougar bandwagon.

The problem is the movie tells us this so casually, it’s like we were supposed to already know it.

When we first meet Jones (her character's name is Gin!

After her well-received role in The Mask of Zorro, the Welsh beauty teamed up with a Scottish sex symbol and appeared opposite Sean Connery, in the movie Entrapment.

1999 also saw her appear in The Haunting Speaking of older sex symbols, Zeta-Jones started dating Michael Douglas, 25 years her senior, in 1999.

About the only thing we might mourn from the hypothetical loss of this movie is Will Patton’s truly kick ass mustache. Not the good kind that makes a film more interesting than it should be, but rather the really bad kind that leaves you confused about what the hell is going on.