My fellow man shall not fall as long as I have breathe. I have to hit ESC when I close the notepad for it to release so I can use the keyboard.

__________________ To be a healer you have to have a pure heart, one that will always think about others before yourself. If I open notepad again all the letters I was typing are in my note, like it is not releasing the curser when I close it.

Once Rift is past the loading screen; in the character creation/character selection area: A warning pops up saying that my graphics driver is out of date and that I should update it for optimum performance.

riftpatch needs updating error-19

You can manually add Direct X Modern to your Rift bottle by launching Crossover, Install Software, search for and pick the Direct X Modern entry, then expand the "Will install into.." section and choose your existing Rift bottle.

Ok, it looks like DX Modern didn't help, but installing the Direct X Web Installer got sound working.

We’ve also further improved the space flight marker compass with the ability to filter out certain types of markers.

Debris now also has individual markers making it easier to track loot from destroyed ships and aliens.

The theme for this update has been stability and desync fixes.

The majority of time has been spent on fixing crashes and fixing several bugs and ironing out some other issues.

Changlog Version 0.05 Updated environment to Rift patch 4.1 Changlog Version 0.04 Updated environment to Rift patch 3.7 Updated Lib Simple Widgets to the latest version, 1.14.4. __________________ To be a healer you have to have a pure heart, one that will always think about others before yourself.

Yes, a bit to late ( sorry for that ), but I looked at it. It should release the "cursor" with a simple click into the "world". I'll see what I can do about that and read through the Rift API.

However, I haven't actually been able to play yet because Glyph was still busy downloading the latest patch and if I try to play Rift while it is still downloading it simply says that the game cannot connect to the update server and that I need to quit and finish the download before playing. Still haven't figured out how to get intro and cut-scene videos to actually play visuals, not just sound, instead of being all black/blank.