Hello, i have recently run into a problem that I can't seen to fix.The game gets stuck on loading the 8gb install of the game.

Rockstar is thought to be in the process of gathering information about the freezing while trying to figure out why it is happening.

No official solution has been forthcoming yet, but we have just had a weekend so hopefully the issue can be pinpointed and a patch issued to resolve the problem this week.

only fix is to get hit by a car or crash a motorcycle or fall. I also have this problem after I updated this morning. I guess file a claim with Rockstar and get them started on another fix. Although none of these issues actually hinder gameplay (reloading a previous savegame, for instance, "un-freezes" the phone), they are small annoyances that are beginning to amount to an uncomfortable pain in the bum.

I don't know what vehicles were added, but upon starting the game I saw a preview of the email and it mentioned something about vehicles added to garage, helipad, etc. I had a problem with my checklist coming up on the social club while checking my progress. I still think Grand Theft Auto V (Story Mode) is an outstanding game, but this latest, massive Title Update is quite a mess.

And that freezing occurs anywhere from every 5-30 minutes, rendering the game unplayable.

The first freeze typically happens during Franklin’s first mission and after the introductory mission and cutscenes.This is unfortunate because I had just completed the final heist missions and subsequent throwing dudes car off a cliff scene...And I hadn't started the Lester Assassinations or invest in the stock market.I also updated to the latest patch 1.18, and reloaded the game before I started the install of the 8gb as it didn't work before.It got stuck again so I stopped the installation and I don't know what to do next.when i try to access the email app on the phones (in any character) the phone tips about 5-8 degrees and then freezes on the screen. This happened to me too on xbox 360 after heist update...phones freezes when i open emails in single player with any character and like previously mentioned only way to get rid of it is to get knocked over etc also no new weapons, vehicles in single player very disappointing from rockstar smh :( I've had the same issues, plus a plethora of others, since Title Update 1.21 (on PS3): - Phone hangs at a 30 degree angle when trying to read e-mails; - No new vehicles in garages, helipads, hangars, etc.; - Trevor's Frogger and Cargobob helicopters are missing from Sandy Shores helipad; - A number of boats are missing from the Marina; - Cars previously saved in garages (like the baby blue car from one of the Epsilon missions) are gone; - Franklin cannot drink wine at his safehouse; - Snapmatic photos can no longer be viewed in-game (although I was able to view them by signing in to Rockstar Social Club and re-authenticating my Play Station account (this is the second time I have had to re-authenticate my PS account this week) I had also observed of few glitches before the latest Title Update, which haven't been fixed: - Buzzard Attack Chopper looks "skinless" (i.e.