If they glance up from their phones, it’s to glance out the window and across Augustana’s campus.It’s always pretty here, even in November, but there are about four to six weeks when it’s absolutely stunning.Sources also said local construction firm, Tarcon, was forced to cease operations at Murowa when Randhawa assumed control of the diamond mine.

Meyer v The State (46/12) [2013] ZASCA 208 (28 November 2013) Criminal law – application for special leave to appeal, for condonation of the late filing of the application and an application to lead new evidence – tests restated – evidence of independent witnesses overwhelming on convictions – requirements for the presenting of new evidence not met – sentence – material misdirection by the trial court in respect of applicability of the minimum sentence legislation – special leave to appeal granted against sentence on two murder counts – sentence set aside and, upon consideration de novo, life sentences substituted with sentence of 24 years’ imprisonment.

Reward Ventures 01 CC v Walker (946/12) [2013] ZASCA 207 (05 December 2013) Review application – s 33(1) of the Arbitration Act 42 of 1965 – whether arbitration award which did not expressly dismiss the opposing parties’ counter-claims final – whether the arbitrator committed a gross irregularity by making such an award.

For three weeks in spring, the central campus is festooned with blossoms as serviceberry, cherry, apple, and lilac erupt.

Again in October the maples dominate, painting the campus crimson and gold. Unless you’re trying to get students to learn about Nazi rhetorical strategies and the parallel strategies of demonization used across cultures.

The 1,200-mile pipeline would carry oil across four states to a shipping point in Illinois.

The project has been held up while the Army Corps of Engineers consults with the Standing Rock Sioux, who believe the project could harm the tribe’s drinking water and Native American cultural sites.If you do that, then you hear the rhythmic tick, tick, tick as they count down the final weeks of the year.Or is it the slower drip, drip, drip as their brains leak out of their ears and their IQs puddle on the classroom floor?Shareholders who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said Chihota was aware of the fact that Randhawa, the principal behind GEM Rio Zim, the largest shareholder in Rio Zim, negotiated the deal for himself at the expense of other shareholders.At the time of Murowa sale, Chihota said Rio Zim was “committed to running this company better than how we found it.And still we find joy in the occasional glimpses of the tremendous growth they’ve already experienced and in the prospect that, come fall, they’ll be back, cheerful and recharged. Cromwell was a dour, humorless (or “humourless”) religious fanatic charged with squashing every Catholic and every independent thought in the British Isles because, well, that’s what God demanded.